Short instructions of use

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Short instructions of use

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How to play this Trios for Two

When two flute tones or two recorder tones are played simultaneously, a listener can perceive an additional tone, whose frequency is a difference of the two flute frequencies. This third tone is sounding in tune only if the interval of the original flute tones is absolutely perfect (Just Intonation). Otherwise the third tone sounds wrong, too deep or too high. In the present Trios for Two the combination tones add a bass part, which is written as «combi bass» in a smaller staff. You'll enjoy playing trios twosome!

Which intervals provide which bass tones?:
Here a short list with intervals and the according combination tones:
• Fifth: an octave below the deeper tone,
• Fourth: two octaves below the higher tone,
• Major third: two octaves below the deeper tone,
• Minor third: twelfth + octave below the higher tone.
There is a special feature of the sixths and the tritonus: you can hear two added tones, but rather quietly.

If the combination tone sounds higher as expected according to the «combi bass» part, the interval of the flute or the recorder ensemble playing is too wide. Otherwise the «combi bass» is too deep, if the flutes play the interval too narrow. The player, who plays the third in the triad, has to correct his intonation.

Following steps are recommended:
At first the hearing should be trained to perceive the „humming noise“; therefore two flutes play thirds in high register. Then you try to sing the humming tone and identify its pitch. It will probably take some time until you will be successful. You have to spend time on practising. Don't throw in the towel too soon!
To follow the combi bass part, you play the duets extremely slow. With justly tuned intervals the bass is both, harmonical perfect and rather loud.
After practising several times, you can play faster, but you should always perceive the bass part. Otherwise you slow up again your tempo.