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The tabs «Recorder sheet music» and «Flute sheet music» are linked to inexpensive (but not free) arrangements, which are partially published here for the first time.

Auf deutsch: Kostenlose Flötennoten
Auf deutsch: Preiswerte Flötennoten

All other scores in the link list are free to download and don't need registration.

Last update published on April 25, 2017

A lot of PDF free sheet music for recorder and flute

There are many archive libraries online with free sheet music for recorder and flute.
In the following you find a selection of free sheet music archives, providing several thousend titles with recorder music or flute music. Only databases without registration are listed.
Attention: in the most cases the reproduction and performance rights remain with the composers, arrangers or editors.

Free Sheet Music for Recorder and Flute in PDF

The world greatest free public domain music library with a lot of sheet music for recorder and flute
Petrucci Music Library (International Music Score Library Project)

This library features more than 90000 pieces of music to download, even some for recorder and for flute

A lot of composers through the history of music, huge library, for flute: a new score a day

Orchestra scores as free PDF, opera scores with online view, flute sheet music under construction, also category Rock, Pop, Jazz

The Flute Library: original works, arrangings and even parts of orchestral works

Beautiful flute music books (recorder and flute) to listen, to regard and to download
Flute music books by Joachim Johow (in German)

A wide ranging collection of Arrangements for recorder consort
The Recorder Player's Page

Recorder consort music of various eras, arranged by LoveSchubert
LoveSchubert's Arrangements

Perhaps the greatest collection of recorder consort music of all eras
Aeolian Consort's free sheet music for recorder ensemble

From Abing to Zyka, more than 4000 composers, a lot of them with recorder or flute music

Almost 2000 various pieces, some for flute, sporadic for recorder, also as MIDI or LilyPond files
Mutopia Projekt

About 2000 Arrangements for several instruments, recorder and flute included
RowyNet - Classical Sheet Music

Interactive Sheet Music for the Recorder: Popular Tunes from Opera, Soundtracks, Jazz, Pop music etc
Recorder Sheet Music by Massimo Pennesi

A collection currently in progress with sheet music for flute and piano in jazz, pop, funk, salsa style
Schroeder-Musik and GrafenbergMusic (in German)

In ChoralWiki (free choral sheet music), there are scores, which can be played with recorders or flutes
CDPL Choral Public Domain Library

Compositions and Arrangements by Frederic Palmer for Recorder Orchestra
Mid Peninsula Recorder Orchestra

Early and new music with a request copy-us

Easy pieces for beginners for terble recorder or flute, also folk tunes and chrimas music

Only Music before 1800:

A collection of medieval music
Spielleut Musikarchiv (in German)

Music of the Renaissance: Some 100 dances, madrigals, chansons
Steve Hendricks Music Collection

An extensive archive with recorder consort music of the Renaissance
Archive of Alain Naigeon

Consort sheet music of the Renaissance and complete faksimiles of wellknown treatises on ornamentation (Hungarian)   Helpful hints to the ancient clefs on this sheet music

More than 7200 sheets music of the 17th and 18th century, pieces included, which are suitable for recorder
Johan Tufvesson's sheet music available for free

Urtext editions, consort sheet music, arrangements and teaching material for recorder and flute
Franz-Rudolf Kuhnen's free sheet music publisher (in German)

A church choir archive, also with scores for recorder as collections of sonatas (Loeillet, Mancini, Marcello, Handel)
Kantoreiarchiv (in German)

A church music archive with scores for choir, keyboard instruments, vocals, wind instruments, recorder ensemble
Recorder and Flute Sheet Music in the church music archive (in German)

Bach's suites for solo cello and other pieces, arranged for recorder or flute
Peter Billam's Arrangements oder Peter Billam's main page

Arrangements only for bass recorder solo
Philip Perry's Music Page

Cima, Dornel, Fasch, Haßler, Lasso, Rossi, Telemann and others, provided by Stephan Schrader
Stephan Schrader's Sheet Music (in German)

Sheet music of Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque masterworks arranged for recorders
Baltimore Recorders

Free Celtic sheet music
Breizh Partitions

Mozart complete! All scores, inclusive the flute concertos and flute quartets
Neue Mozart-Ausgabe: Digitized Version

Historical printed music: a treasure trove of facsimiles in several university libraries:
· British Library
· The Danish National Digital Sheet Music Archive
· SLUB Dresden (in German)
· ULB Darmstadt (in German)
· BSB Munich (in German)
· Württembergische Landesbibliothek Stuttgart (in German)

Christmas music:

A collection of Christmas carols
Cantus-Archiv (in German)

36 German Christmas carols for recorder or flute and guitar
Hochweber's Christmas carols (PDF)


Scales, arpeggios and exercises for recorder
Dolmetsch online and Early MusiChicago and
Georg Philipp Telemann's little exercise for scales: Telemann Scales (PDF)

Do you want to write music? Here you get blank sheet music:
Free Blank sheet music or Blank sheet music with large staves

Sheet music web search engine:


Please note

Further sheet music for flute or recorder in PDF

Recommended published exercises as two-part compositions

The following duet-etudes contain scales, triads and other techniques: